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Wire winding machine products category


Wire wound filter machine:

5-100 inch line filter machine: 10 inch line filter machine, 20 inch line filter machine, 10&10 inch line filter machine, 10&20 inch

line filter machine, 20&20 inch line filter machine 10&20 inchWire wound filter machine, 20&20 inch wire filter machine, 10&20 inch

double head filter machine, 10&10 inch double head filter machine, PP cotton thread around filter machine, PP yarn string around

filter machine, polypropylene yarn winding

Application of high efficiency fiber bundle filter...


he Yellow River water turbidity removal efficiency of fiber bundle filter application of Sinopec Qilu Co., water supply and drainage

works of Xin south water station undertakes the purchase from Zibo: Yellow River Water Management Bureau of the Yellow River water supply

company of the old factory (the first chemical fertilizer plant, second fertilizer plants, oil refineries,,,

Application of 10 inch &20 inch double ended filter core filter


PP wirewound filter machine has the advantages of high speed, good yarn forming, full line stop, change fast, low energy consumption

characteristics in many aspects, according to the different needs of different requirements of special yarn winding forming machine, line

winding filter customers. Widely used in environmental protection, petroleum, chemical and other industries.